ICANN's New Transfer Policy


Here are some of the key aspects that are part of the new Transfer Policy :
Inter-Registrar Transfers 
 A Form of Authorization, or FOA, is the email that is sent to the registered name holder when a domain transfer is initiated to approve the request. The FOA will now expire after 60 days if the transfer is not completed, unless we allow an automatic renewal and the registrant has expressly opted in to an automatic renewal.
● The FOA is void if the domain name expires before approval.
Inter-Registrant Transfers
● If a material change is made, we must collect consent from both the Prior Registrant and the New Registrant, prior to making the requested change, even if you represent both parties. A “material change” is a change in the name, company or email address listed for the registrant contact.
● If the Prior Registrant and New Registrant do not confirm the change within 60 days of the request, the change implementation will not proceed.
● Once both Prior and New Registrant parties agree to the requested contact changes, the information will be updated within 1 day after.

Processes affected on Orderbox
Mentioned below are processes that will be directly impacted by this policy change and will be updated to comply

● Domain Name Transfer
● Modify Contact Information
● Bulk Modification of Contacts
● Toggle Privacy Protection
● Aftermarket Transfers (Purchase & Sale)


Here is the list of API’s that have been impacted :
New API’s added:
● Cancel an IRTP task
● Resend the IRTP authorisation email
● Get IRTP Authorization status for an Action


The Registrar on Record will act a designated approver for the Registrant. So no approval is needed from the Registrant listed on the domain. An email will be sent to the registrant whenever the status of Privacy Protection is changed. This email is merely for notification purposes. The terms of privacy protection will be revised in order to accommodate this change.

We hope this was helpful. Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any
queries . To know more about the policy please refer to ICANN's website.

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