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Visited Us? Got opinions? We need to talk.
We think our  reviews are the best out there - and we want more of them! So we're offering our users a free domain for qualifying reviews.
We have teamed up with Dsampy Webs to offer the chance to earn a free domain for every  review we publish that that meets a few simple criteria.

Which  Reviews Qualify?

We've tried to keep this simple. We have a few firm-but-fair rules, including:
  • We only publish high-quality reviews
  • Reviews must be unique & your own work
  • We reserve the right to reject any review for any reason
Remember: we're running this promotion because we want more reviews s. We're looking to publish as many as possible - which means the more gift cards we give away, the better!
The full terms & conditions are at the bottom of this page. Please read these before submitting a review - it's not the usual yadda, yadda yadda, and you agree to be bound by them on submission.

What Is A High-Quality Review?

We don't publish junk reviews ('OMG Host X totally sucks!'). Your review can be positive or negative, so long as it's truthful and explains why you think Tools Valley sucks/rocks.
The good news: we publish more reviews than we reject.

When Are Dsampy Webs Gift Cards Sent Out?

This bit is important. Domain vouchers are not sent immediately. Dsampy Webs gift cards will be sent in bulk at the start of the month after your review is published. So if we publish a review in May that qualifies, you'd receive your gift card in June.

What Happens After I Do My Review?

Once you submit your review, it'll await moderation by our editors. We typically publish new reviews once per month.
We'll contact you by email to tell you if your review has been published or rejected. If your Tools Valley review is published and qualifies, we will email details on how to claim your Domain Name From Dsampy Webs too. Easy!

How Do the Vouchers Work?

The vouchers are valid on any non-premium domains with these TLDs...
  • COM
  • IN
  • .CO.IN
  • .TOP
  • INFO
  • US
...up to the value of $10.99.
Coupons expire a month after they are issued, so be sure to claim them quick!

Tell Me More About Dsampy Webs

Be sure to visit Dsampy Webs to learn more about the company.

Any Questions?

Important: Please contact us directly if you have any questions about this promotion. We'll do everything we can to respond to any enquiries ASAP.

Terms & Conditions

Users who submit a genuine, unique user review of tools valley will be published on Tools Valley qualify to receive a Dsampy Webs gift voucher which entitles its holder to claim a domain name.
By submitting a review, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions:
  1. This promotion is promoted by Tools Valley And Dsampy Webs.
  2. This promotion, including these Terms & Conditions, are governed by Indian Law. Any disputes arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India None Other Than Allahabad High Court.
  3. Promotion starts October-1-2016. We may withdraw this offer at any time and for any reason.
  4. We may substitute an alternate prize of equivalent value at our sole discretion, vary these terms and conditions for any reason and at any time and end the promotion for any reason and at any time.
  5. Our judgement is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.
  6. Only reviews of selected persons qualify for this promotion.
  7. We may reject any review for publication at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion.
  8. Reviews must be entirely your own work, unique and cannot have been previously published elsewhere.
  9. Only one free domain name may be claimed per person or per household.
  10. A Dsampy Webs voucher code will be sent by email to Reviewers whose reviews are published in the calendar month following publication. For example, a qualifying review published in October 2016 would receive a gift voucher by the end of November 2016.

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