Free Graphics Resources

The Best Directories of Free Graphic Resources

Graphic software programs, which can be broadly grouped into vector graphics editors, raster graphics editors, and 3d modelers, are the primary tools with which a user may manipulate, enhance, and transform images. Many image editing programs are also used to render or create computer art from scratch.
Many image file formats use data compression to reduce file size and save storage space. Digital compression of images may take place in the camera, or can be done in the computer with the image editor. When images are stored in JPEG format, compression has already taken place. Both cameras and computer programs allow the user to set the level of compression.
Some compression algorithms, such as those used in PNG file format, are lossless, which means no information is lost when the file is saved. The JPEG file format uses a lossy compression algorithm- The greater the compression, the more information is lost, ultimately reducing image quality or detail. JPEG uses knowledge of the way the brain and eyes perceive color to make this loss of detail less noticeable.


ToolDescription Type
GimpThe open source equivalent of Photoshop. This image editor is very powerful and completely free. Free
GimpshopThis is a modified version of Gimp to help people familiar with Adobe products move over to Gimp.Free
InkscapeA very powerful image creator that outputs SVG (scalable vector graphics) files.Free
Paint.NETAnother image editor/creator that has some nice features. Basically this is a version of Paint with a bit of Photoshop style tools added to it.Free
Project DogwaffleThis is a free painting and animation program by Dan Ritchie. You can achieve nice digital paint results with this.Free
Picasa2Google-owned Picasa is an image organizer. You can edit your photos, tag your images and even upload them to Google's server for free. This is perfect for organzing images for galleries.Free
JAlbumFree gallery software that creates web albums from your digital images. Free
RoundPicThis is an online tool for making anti-aliased rounded corners for avatars and images. Simply browse for the image on your computer and "round it". So easy to use. Click on image to the left to go to the website. Free
ColorPixThis is a free application from Color Schemer that allows you to get the colour values and screen coordinates at any pixel on your screen. Free


MOUSE RUNNERfree wallpapers, graphics, iconsFree
SPOONLOADSselective archive of free desktop wallpapers, fonts, icons, stock photosFree
IMAGE AFTERfree high resolution images and textures for commercial and personal useFree
CLIPART HEAVENover 22,000 free clip art imagesFree
PD OPEN CLIPARTWikimedia Commons open clipart pageFree
WEB DESIGN GURUfree icons, graphics, buttonsFree
KALIBER 10000pixel patterns collectionFree
CITRUS MOONpatterns archive for website backgroundsFree
FREE VECTORSfree vector graphics galleryFree
SPECKY BOYfree resources for background patterns and texturesFree
LOGO TEMPLATORfree blank logos templates designs and free vector art imagesFree
TEXTURE KINGfree stock texturesFree
AJAX INDICATORSAJAX activity indicators for downloadFree
ROUND PICrounded corners for avatars and images Free
BACKGROUND CITYyour best source for backgrounds, all original and absolutely free!Free
PAINTED PIXELSfreebies including PNG graphics. brushes, background tiles & moreFree
KOLLERMEDIA243 background patternsFree
ABSOLUTE BACKGROUNDS5815 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in web pages, graphical software or on your desktopFree
SQUIDFINGERS158 free patterns for website backgroundsFree


List here provides a good selection of royalty free stock photos as well as images available
STOCK XCHNGhuge gallery for high quality stock photos Free
YOTOPHOTOfind free photosFree
ISTOCKPHOTOroyalty free stock photographyFree
MORGUEFILEfree stock photosFree
STOCKVAULThigh quality free stock photos and high resolution imagesFree
123RFroyalty free photos, pictures, images and stock photographyFree
EVERYSTOCKPHOTOyour source for free photosFree
PIXELPERFECTDIGITALfree high resolution images, textures, backgrounds, illustrations, digital art and stock photosFree
DREAMSTIMEroyalty free images and stock photographyFree
VEERVeer provides visual elements for use in professional creative workFree


Do you feel like something is missing from your site? Do you want to give your design a little snap? Make your site stand out with icons! When used correctly icons can add flavor and character to your site. Below are the top sources for designer icons for use on your website:
ICONBASEhere you'll find the best icons from the best artists in the world Free
SWEETIE100+ clear & cute icons free to use Free
ICON INDEXfree icons Free
DHTML SITE22 free essential icon sets Free
ICON LABstock and custom icons for use in both personal and commercial projects Free
EVERYDAY ICONSfree icons Free
WEBSITE ICONSfree website icons Free
FAMFAMFAMfree icon setsFree
BITCONSbitcons is a mini-pixel icon set (16×16 pixels) containing 121 individual icons for various subjectsFree
ICONARCHIVEa collection of desktop icon sets of over 12,000 high quality icons in gif & ico formatFree
COMTECHEthousand of free iconsFree
GRAPHICPUSHfree icon setsFree
E-LUSIONroyalty free greyscale iconsFree
NDESIGN-STUDIOover 320 mini pixel icons for downloadFree
DRYICONSfree open source and custom graphic iconsFree
ICONGALOREfree sample of XP iconsFree
ICONBAZAARlots of free iconsFree
DEWAfree iconsFree
ICONBUFFETsignup for free icon deliveryFree
ICONAHOLICmore free iconsFree
INTERSMASH300 icon images for inspirationFree
TANGO ICON GALLERYmore free icons for downloadFree
WEBSITEICONSfree icons for downloadFree

Free Fonts for Webmasters and Designers

These are some fonts that are common on most Windows systems. If you're going to use special font families in your Web pages you should be aware of the font families that are common to both Windows and Macintosh machines. That way, you won't be surprised by how your page looks in various situations. Changing the font family to your favorite font will make the page look great in your browser, but if your readers don't have that font, you might be surprised at what it looks like to them. Use the fancy fonts as you please, but you should always have a standard font near the end of your list, and a generic font choice last.
GOOD FONTSfree fontsFree
WHO FONTEDfree fonts Free
DINGBATS UKfree fonts and dingbats Free
URBAN FONTSfree fonts Free
6500 FREE FONTS6500 free fonts you can download to your computer & use for freeFree
1001FREEFONTSfree fontsFree
THEMEWORLD5537 free fonts availableFree
DAFONTfree font archiveFree
WEBSOUP37 links displayed in category font archive sitesFree
TYPOASISfree fontsFree
FONTFACEmore free fontsFree
GOLDENWEBfonts available for download within our database are under the 'Freeware Fonts' folderFree
ABSTRACTFONTSlots of free fontsFree
TYPENOWfree fonts & dingbatsFree
GET FREE FONTS100s of free fonts for downloadFree