What To Blog On??????????

Good Morning Dear Users

Many A Times i have been listening from my readers that what to blog?

For them i would like to state few important things which must be kept in mind while deciding what to blog on.

In fact blogging is as much easy as it is difficult to but for the persons who are having intrest in the same can easily enjoy the same but along with interest dedication towards work is also important.

Factors Must Be Kept In Mind While Deciding What To Blog On-

1. Blog In Which You Have Intrest :

Don't Go Behind Intresting Topics Which Are Attractive And Will Attract More Visitors Because You Will Have To Write On The Topic.

2.News of the weird: 

Some popular blogs make the most of the many strange Web sites by posting links and quick summaries of the site on their blogs. It’s the lazy man’s approach to surfing, and if you’re interested in sharing the quirky oddities you find, you’ll definitely find an audience for them.

3. Politics:

 A number of popular political bloggers have turned their online punditry into thriving careers in traditional media.

4. Technology: 

Many of the original bloggers chose technology as their focus, and what a great decision that was. There’s a huge interest in technology and technology issues today. After all, more and more people have cell phones, personal computers, and MP3 players, and everyone has problems using them!

5. Think About Your Readers:

Who are they? How can you appeal to them and get them to keep reading your blog? Do you even care about how many readers you have? If you do, what do you have to show or teach or ask them?

For most bloggers, being successful is defined as attracting, keeping, and growing an audience of interested readers. . . preferably an audience that leaves comments and interacts with you and with other readers.

The key here is to find a niche and exploit it fully. Picking a niche and sticking with it can be tough to do. Fortunately, you get a lot of leeway in how you handle a subject, in evolving your own style, and in what you blog about.

Some subject areas have proven to be popular and successful blog subjects already. You can take on the competition and start a blog about

    Signing Off

These Are The Few Points Which I Believe Would Surely Help You In Deciding What To Blog On  

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