Describing Your Post Via Meta Tag

Why adding A Description Meta Tag In Post Is Necessary?

Most of the times we publish our posts without adding any meta tag description to it.
It results that in google search when we search for our post contains the description of website and not of the blog due to which visitors even did not like to open such links because the person who can not give even description to his post what he will help to others.
So it is very necessary to add a description meta tag in post so that the search results can show what really this link to a specific post contains.

Adding Description Meta tag to Posts and Static Pages


While writing a new post from Blogger Post Editor, find for “Search description” on right-hand side panel under Post Settings. Click it and a box will open where you can write a very brief description about your post, click Done and then if you think that your article is ready to get published, click the “Publish” button. This will add description Meta tag to your post. The same way, you can also add Meta description tags to your older posts by editing them.

How many words?

Description Meta tags should not be too long or too short. The best is if you keep it under 160 characters but above 85 characters, including spaces of course.
Things to remember:
  • To generate search result snippets Description Meta tags are not needed but it is good to provide one for every page.
  • It should be concise and accurate. To learn more visit Webmasters help article.
  • As told earlier, it doesn’t help you in ranking high in SERP. Good traffic comes from writing good and original articles and following some SEO Guidelines

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