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Suffering From Low Traffic - Over Come With Remedy

In life not all things go as per our plans.We plan for things and they don't go the same way they were supposed to.However the one thing we must believe is that whatever happens happens for a reason.In context to a bloggers life there might come a time when he could loses his interest or due to some personal difficulties could lose out on blogging.In such a sceniario.its the attitude and the mental strength of the person that will help him overcome this slack.

A comeback is always difficult not forgetting to mention that its special too.It helps you find your inner strength and fight the inner demons.A come back in blogging either blogger or worpdpress or any platform for that matter will require time and patience from your end.Its like starting your blog from scratch.

How Much Did Your Vacation Cost You?

The first step you need to get your blog done is analyzing your blog.It is always easier to find a solution to a problem if the exact problem details are known.Once you are familiar with you lacking you can then sit and rectify those in a healthy manner.You need to compare a few things to begin with:
  • Traffic : This gives you an exact idea of how your blog has been doing during this period.As no new content is being added , there is very little chance of your readership growing.It will either be at a stable level or would be going down on the graph.
  • Audience Interaction : Comments and shares are the backbone of a blog.If you have noticed a slack , get onto your job immediately because this shows a lack of  interest by readers in your blog.We will learn how to overcome this in the upcoming para’s.
  • Design Issues : A good period off your blog will leave you behind the recent happenings in the world of designing.Also certain issues might creep up and you might have to get them fixed.
  • Bad publicity : For your competitors its a golden period.Google bots are continuously crawling their sites and as your blog is void of any updates , their sites score better in google.This leads to bad promotion of your blog , indirectly spoiling your social profile.
A proper understanding of what has gone wrong will help you understand the fixes you have to do to create that splash.We will be giving you in detail steps to get your blog back on track.However it's necessary for you as a blogger to understand your lackings individually.

Tested Methods To Get Your Blog Going

Why do I say these methods are tested ? The answer is simple , I have myself recovered my lost blog from nowhere to this current position.The ways are simple and easy to implement.It consists of core problems that your blog is facing due to lack od attention. So lets skid on and see what those steps are 

Get Your SEO rectified and updated

  • Submit Sitemap : Webmasters tools will you help you update your blog by adding a sitemap in the site dashboard area.This will initiate the process of google bots crawling your blog.
  • Make google crawl your blog : Yet another tool from webmaster to send a url to google and index it.Use this tool to get you site indexed once again.
  • Ping Your Website : Ping-O-matic is a tool that pings all popular search engines and lets them know that your blog has been updated.
  • Use of Meta Tags : There are a few things that can really lift your blog and place it in the top.One such tip is to put in meta tags.To save the hassle use this online meta tag generator .Once you have generated your meta tags place it in your template before </head>

Give Your Blog a Makeover

  • Get a cleaner design : Give your readers some eye candies.Make them feel at home.Make your blog easy to navigate.Look around for inspiration and create your own template.If you think making a template is too big a cake for you , you can always get quality templates from various sites.But make sure you choose a template that suits your niche.
  • Make it mobile friendly : Responsive design has taken the web designing industry by storm.So having it in your armory is very necessary.Also google has started giving perks to such sites , making it more so ever important to get a working responsive template.
  • Get rid of unnecessary CSS and Scripts : Throw out the garbage and bring in the new goodies.Don’t let your blog stink get your blog a freshener.Remove all the old CSS and scripts.Get your css and javascripts updated. 

Go all Guns Blazing and promote your Blog

  • Use Social Media : Social media during this time is powder of magic for you.It reconnects you this part of the world.Use it to maximum output do not leave any stone unturned and keep promoting.As an advice even after you have established your blog continue using social posts , you never know you could have an advertiser coming on the way.
  • Guest Post : Use this technique to use a popular blogs traffic to your blog.If your content is unique and new readers will come back to your blog again and again.
  • Building Links : Interlinking your posts and getting backlinks using commentluv and various other methods will highlight you in the google bots algorithm.
  • Post Youtube Videos : Youtube could turn you into a superstar overnight.It brings in traffic and revenue if done rghty.Another tool to get back your blogs lost stardom.
  • Contact Your Blogger Circle : Over a period of time you form a blogger circle with bloggers of same niche or who you are in constant touch with.Contact them and let them know of you coming back.You might get some invaluable tips.

Concentrate on Content

Inspite of the all the tweaks we do in the template or design , the one thing that will encourage the readers is the content.Keep your focus on content and make sure it is the basics of the readers liking your blog.A few points to make sure your content is driving traffic to your blog.
  • Never copy posts
  • Use of appropriate images 
  • Write catchy Titles
  • Write on topics that are trending in the market
  • Interlink your posts
  • Use keywords in your blog posts

Get help of experts

Experts in this field are like diamond mines.Create a rapo with them and they will give you tips and tricks that are worth a million.Tell them in detail the status of your blog.They will then be able to exactly guide you to the position that they are in right now. Post on forums , read articles , read as much as possible .Download ebooks and get to know them better it will help you understand exaclty what you need to do.

Now what exactly you have to avoid doing while making a comeback

We have discussed in detail the steps you have to take to bring back your blogs popularity.Its time to tell you the steps you just have to avoid and prevent a failure.
  • Don’t get too impatient and start using black seo it will further make your blog go down.
  • Avoid keeping long gaps between your posts.Keep a post coming everyday so as to keep the reader engaged.
  • Don’t get too clingy with fellow bloggers and let them know you are desperate.
  • Overadvertising will kill your blog at this stage , so stay away from this.
  • Never copy posts , google bots these days are very clever , they detect the smallest cheats you do.
  • And the most important of all , do not give up ! 

Signing Off - Pankaj Maurya

I have myself made a comeback with my blog Blackbuzz I have written a post after a year and half.My traffic had gone down significantly. I analyzed my blog and made all the corrective measures.And I am proud to say that after a good months of time my blog is back on track.Hence I thought I should share these tips which helped me.Hope you have success in your blogging carreer.