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Online publishing is tough. Staying on track, brainstorming fresh article ideas, keeping your audience engaged, running the business and combating those days when your mind goes blank are all easier said than done. The days of making money online quickly and easily are over. The standards are higher and audiences and consumers are demanding better quality and are more so than ever, in control of what they consume.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Blogging Road
The new age blogger needs to employ every strategy and tactic possible to remain, not only relevant, but a massive success. Surprisingly, it's quite counterproductive trying to push oneself to the limits all the time, remaining glued to the laptop screen. More time spent doesn't always equal better ideas and greater productivity. Sometimes you'll need to shift things up a bit to get the most out of that tired old brain of yours.

Getting out the house and hitting the road, might just be the cure and the reboot you need. Here's why:

Change of Perspectives - Stand Out -

Don't be fooled, there's always another approach or solution to common problems. Do not become complacent with the fact that you're an expert in your field, especially if it relates to anything in the online world. Things change daily and perspectives shared that counter the status quo may be enough to help you garner massive respect, attention, opportunities and new following.
A change of scenery and engaging new experiences and people are perfect for sparking enough activity in your brain to release any toxins or tension you've built up over time. The experience forces you to open up, breathe new air and let go of all that you've been holding tightly. It's a liberating experience.
As you begin to see new people and new lifestyles you will begin to gain deeper insight in what people respond to naturally and will therefore gain a new approach to your blogging. As you jump in your RV, hop on your motorcycle or a private jet (If you're rolling that deep), expose yourself to something new and the creativity will flow into your writing.

Take Advantage of Possible Meet-ups & Remain Connected -

Along your itinerary, try to attend any business, social media events or blogger meet-ups along the way. This is where you'll get the biggest creativity boost as you'll be exposing yourself to ideas and discussions from other experts in the marketing and publishing world - face to face. Learn from the best, see what your competition is up to and take advantage of opportunities to talk about you and your business in the physical realm. Having your online world manifest through speech and interacting with others brings a sense of purpose, importance and certainty about what you write - a huge motivation booster. Networking is a surefire way to get ideas flowing and re-energizing your creative engine.
In addition, being on the road does not mean severing connections with your audience and clients. There are tons of tools that will help you maintain close connections between you, your team and audience regardless of your physical location. For example, Tools Valley, is an online collaboration and meeting tool that allows you to host rich audio / video meetings and presentations along with other features such as moderated chats, questions, answers and FAQs and desktop sharing to deliver a rich media experience for you and your audience. Or, you may use an app like Instagram to share your journey on the road through intriguing photos that make your experience real, relatable and “humanized” for your audience; adding a more authentic touch to your blogging brand which helps to improve loyalty and increase your following. Use tools that will keep you connected without the burden of sticking to your old routine.

Great for Content Curation & Cures Burnout -

This is especially true for travel and lifestyle bloggers going from city to city, interacting and exploring the varied cultures on the way. You will not get the true essence or the "why's" of people and their lives unless you're either living it with them or occasionally exposing yourself to them. Road trips and meet-ups are essential!
Unique content ideas will flow like a river and you'll have a storehouse of experiences and perspectives to write about for weeks and even months to come. Ensure you're ready to take notes and snap some photos on your journey.

Escape Common Distractions at Home

Home is where the heart is but it's oftentimes extremely difficult to get things done there; escaping the many temptations to simply slack off. Your road trip is the perfect opportunity to get away and choose a nice quiet spot to brainstorm. Whether it's on a hill top, a valley, beach or hotel room; this is where the inspiration comes.
To conclude, take advantage of every opportunity to escape a predictable environment, hit the road and gain new experiences, meet new people and seek perspectives to share with your audience and enrich your business. It might be the nudge you've been waiting for to refresh your blogging efforts.

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