Try Google Gravity Effect Prank Add in Website/Blog

Google is known for innovative things and this new prank of Google is really amazing.This prank is created by the Mr Doob.Do you remember "easter egg", made by Google before like snow, tild,do a barrel roll etc. Similarly, Google Gravity is really fun to use.Try it now and give your reviews.
Here is a Live Demo

How to See it Into Effect

There are two ways :

1.Using Google I`m Feeling:

  1. Visit the
  2. After that search for the term "Google Gravity"
  3. Click on the first term you see after getting the search results

2.Using the Direct Link:

If you want to see it working you have to visit the this link.
As soon as you enter into the window you will see the search window contents going down.But don`t worry about the searches.Just type what you are searching for and after that search for the "Google Search" and press it.

How to add it in Website

How about adding this effect in your website.Yes, you can do that even very easily.
Add this trick in before </Head> head tag.
<script src=""></script>

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