Folder Coloriser

FolderColorizerSetup.exe Application (.EXE) File size: 1.43 MB Uploaded: 2013-09-27 08:24:05 Uploaded From: About Executable File Formats An executable file is a file in a format
that a computer can directly execute.
Although most executable files are
safe, Executable files should be scanned
with up to date anti-virus software
and should not be opened unless you
trust the source or were expecting this
file. FolderColorizerSetup.exe FolderColorizerSetup.exe estimated download time: CONNECTION DOWNLOAD TIME
Broadband 0.21s
DSL 5.73s
Dial-up 26s
Mobile 1.05s
1425735 653489954696466 1732812374 nFolder Colorizer Setup.exe
File size (1.43MB)

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